GEDA SolarLift - Solar Panel Lifter

The GEDA SolarLift is the smart solution for lifting solar panels, racking and tools up, onto and across the rooftop. The solar platform is designed to carry up to 9 x 35mm panels or 8 x 40mm thick panels at one time at a speed of 25m/min or 30m/min. The rubber padding and solar clamping arm ensure that the panels are delivered securely and safely.

The compact design of the GEDA SolarLift allows it to be easily transported on a trailer, ute or in a van. Robust rubber wheels make moving the unit around the site and installation easy. The base section with platform form a trolley to transport ladder sections easily across the worksite. Its footprint is small enough to wheel it into a lift.

For more than 85 years the name GEDA has represented competence, safety, and quality “Made in Germany”.  With over 80,000 Geda Lifts sold worldwide you can be confident that the GEDA SolarLift is built to last and complies with Australian Standards.

Installers can gain efficiencies with their solar installs and save on EWPs and labour costs. Instead of carrying panels across the roof, let the Geda SolarLift do the carrying for you in a fraction of the time.

Two units are available: SolarLift 200 Standard and the SolarLift 250 Comfort. The load-bearing capacity depends on the ladder sections being used, their inclination, as well as their total length. 

Complete your installs faster, safer and smarter with the GEDA SolarLift!


Setup and pack up 15 minutes each. Lifting and placing 78 panels in just one hour.
Safe and Efficient Lifting.


View the Geda SolarLift 250 Comfort in action lifting all solar components up and onto the rooftop for installation.

GEDA Lift installation video


Four storey installation

Lifting over multiple roof lines, across fragile roof tiles to the rear of roof installation

SolarLift 200 Standard
  • Lifting capacity up to 200kg
  • Lifting speed 25m/min
  • Motor 1kW
  • Hardwired leads
  • Length from 11.5m to 20.5m
  • Lifting height to 16m with 3m of on roof delivery
  • Lifts up to 8 x 40mm thick panels at a time
SolarLift 250 Comfort
  • Lifting capacity up to 250kg
  • Lifting speed 30m/min
  • Motor 1.3kW
  • Pluggable leads
  • Length from 12m to 40m
  • Lifting height to 16m with 3m of on-roof delivery
  • Lifts up to 8 x 40mm thick panels at a time 

Both electric models require 10A power supply or 5.5kVA generator

Basic SolarLift Packages
Geda SolarLift Packages

When selecting a package which is right for your business consider the maximum building height that you need to lift to and the weight of your panels. Allow for the 2m edge exclusion zone and another 1m for unloading.  The angle section can be installed anywhere along the length of the unit for a custom fit to the roof edge.

The roof top supports included in each package are used to support the unit onto a range of pitched, flat, saw-tooth and gable end roofs. These supports can also be used to gain extra pitch when delivering across low pitched roofs so that the platform trolley can return smoothly.

As the inclination of the ladder increases (more vertical) so does the load-bearing capacity. A double angle section increases the angle return from 45 to 90 degrees providing more flexibility and allowing the unit to be positioned closer to the base of the building whilst still returning onto a low pitched roof or over a parapet.

Consider a sideways wheelset... This is an optional component which will allow you to move the base of the unit parallel with the base of the building.